Livestreamer.exe Optimization

In this tutorial I will show you how to get the most out of using Livestreamer.exe

Livestreamer.exe is a command line based program that will allow you to watch streams on your computer in media playback programs such as VLC, for more information click HERE.

I believe that twitch limits the amount of bandwidth per viewer, this change will allow you to use up to 5 times the amount of data allowing for a smoother viewing experience.

First off open the run box [win+R] and type



You will then see two files, we are going to edit the  livestreamerrc  file, you can open this in notepad or your favorite text editor such as Notepad ++.


Once you have the file open you will see the following if you scroll to the bottom of the file


These two lines of code limit the amount of connections your computer has to the servers, If we increase the amount to 5, you should have a lag free and more enjoyable time watching streams.

Below is the edited code needed, please note that the # is also removed to enable this line

code 2


Save this file and open your favorite stream and you should have a more enjoyable experience



Here is a screenshot of the bandwidth being used before the modification of the file, as you can see it it not enough to support HD streaming.  (100-200kb/s)

before 11


After the modification of the stream is running smooth with no pauses, you can also see the bandwidth increase to reflect the change.  (500-700kb/s)


after 33


Below is a video showing the difference, before and after the changes. Changes shown at 40 seconds.


Thank you for reading.