DDWRT Quality of Service for Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO)

Hello my friend, today I will show you how to enable QoS (Quality of Service) on your DD-WRT router so  you have a easier time one tapping silvers from across the map.

Quality of Service reads internet packets and will prioritize some over others depending on set rules.  This helps for a smoother internet experience and also lowers the game:rage quit ratio.

This tutorial will not explain how to install the custom firmware DD-WRT on your router, but some of the newer routers do support custom firmware from the box. To learn more you can visit: https://www.dd-wrt.com/site/

First thing you need to know is how fast your internet is. I used speedtest.net to find mine. It is also best to do this when no one else is downloading as this might alter the results.


(The joys of living in Australia with a twisted pair ADSL line)

Once you know how fast your internet it, navigate to the QoS tab in your router. If you don’t know how to do that, you probably should not be reading how to do this.


Above is the DD-WRT QoS page.


Enable the QoS and make sure the port is on WAN only as we only want to alter internet ports.  We also want to keep the Packet Scheduler as HTB (Hierarchical Token Bucket) as HFSC  (Hierarchical Fair Service Curve) can use more router memory or slow down your connection.

The up/down speeds must be entered in kbps, I used google to convert the values from Mb/s to kbps


The ‘Optimize for Gaming’ check box will turn on default QoS rules that prioritize some gaming ports over general traffic, however we will also be adding our own rules to ensure we get the best results.

The Services Priority section is where you add and set the priority of internet traffic. As you can see I already have mine setup, but I will show you how to add in new services and how to prioritize them.


First off all click the add service button, so we can add all the CS:GO related ports.


A new window should appear similar to this, to add ports simply name the port so you can find it later, keep the protocol on both UDP and TCP, and enter the port range (pictured below)


After you click add, you should see your new listing, do this for all the related gaming ports that you would like to add.


Ideal port ranges you should add:


CS:GO 27000-28000 CSGO Server and most other steam services are within this range
Steam1 3478-3478 Steam Voice Chat
Steam2 4379-4379 Steam Voice Chat
Steam3 4380-4380 Steam Voice Chat
HTTPS 443-443 Most web traffic using https
DNS 53-53 Domain Name Server Port



It is also a good idea to add in your VoIP/Teamspeak/Mumble port to help stop stuttering, the port is normally found after the address used to connect, e.g: skiddie.net:9671. <port.


Add in all your services you have added as shown




Once you have added your service, it is time to set the correct priority.

Gaming / VoIP services should be set to Premium to enable them to have instant availability to bandwidth if needed.

HTTP/HTTPS should be set to Express so the internet can sill be usable wile using p2p.

BitTorrent should be set to bulk, as it is prioritized last, this will make sure p2p services will not slow down the internet dramatically.


Results and testing


I started uploading a YouTube video to simulate heavy use of the internet, here are some screenshots showing what happens when QoS is not enabled.








net graph


As you can see, when someone is uploading anything online, it makes online gaming unplayable.


Below are some screenshots with QoS enabled:





As the photos show, you should still be able to have a decent experience one tapping noobs with a ping in the 50ms range compared to a unplayable 300ms.


Thanks for reading my tutorial, don’t forget to share it with your friends.